Thursday, August 26, 2010

KSM receives cheque from WalMart

Thursday, August 26th 2010 members of the Kingston Scout Museum received a cheque from WalMart, Kingston from contributions they received during the 2010 Easter Egg Decorating Fundraiser.



Friday, August 6, 2010

KSM upcoming event

KSM Committee Members:
Please remember, if you are coming to the Guild BBQ (Sunday, August 15th - arrival around 3 PM) that there will be an opportunity to get clothing items (golf shirts; t-shirts; jackets etc.) embroidered with the KSM logo for no more than $10 per item (bring your item with your name on it, so you get the same item back).  The logo is the same one as was put on the fleece jackets - I was planning on getting a golf shirt or two to wear while offering tours or just promoting the museum.   The Trophy House (where the embroidery will be done) has asked that one colour (dark or light) be brought in so there wouldn't be a need to change the tread - I'll suggest a dark colour this time - maybe we can try a lighter colour another time.  I would like to make one delivery and one pick up so if you're interested in getting something embroidered with the KSM logo please bring it to the BBQ along with $10 per item.  Please let other members of the museum committee who don't have internet know, thanks.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

An Example of how the Vienna Scout Museum Displays their collection of belts

KSM Committee:
I was reviewing some photos of the Vienna Scout Museum I had taken and found this one - how they were planning on displaying their collection of Scout belts (and buckles).  By zooming in on the belts you will see they are fed through the openings on the individual boards (which at this time still needed to be finished and the item itself labelled).  They then are planning to hang them from each other.  I suspect by hanging chains from the ceiling they could save on wall space and make an interesting mobile display.  Is anyone willing to make up a dozen (or so) similar boards (save receipts for wood and hardware).  We can discuss how to finish them at an upcoming planning meeting, if anyone is willing to take this on please let everyone on the committee know so we don't have a number of members doing this. 

This past week I purchased a total of three (3) 4 x 8 x 4 mm thick sheets of birch plywood and had them cut into 30 - 23 3/4" by 17 3/4" panels which slide nicely into the carpet sample flip boards (and are now installed, ready to be either finished or left natural  --  then putting either: badges; photos; certificates; envelopes or something else on them).  I suspect hot gluing the items onto the panel should work nicely.  As mentioned in an earlier message this part is the fairly inexpensive step - each panel cost $2.26 including taxes.  The covering of these flip boards will be more expensive and may take up much of the 2010-2011 budget if all 30 flip boards are going to be utilized this year.  Again by using the thinnest plexi-glas each 24 inches (which is a bonus - no cutting necessary) wide section (and  long enough to cover both sides of a panel); would cost approx. $19.   Two cuts per plexi-glas would be necessary and at least four holes drilled per panel so we can then zip-tie the panels back to back and secure the contents on the birch panels.  

I hope you will keep the Saturday, Sept 18th open for a KSM work party starting at 10 AM ending by 1 or 2 PM.   Dehumidifier was emptied Monday, July 26th so it should be good for the next 7 - 10 days.

As mentioned in another earlier message, I will be going to Toronto tomorrow but have no intentions of picking up any mannequins or other item in particular.  Just to let you know. 


An Open Message to members of the 35th B-P Guild and Kingston Scout Museum

Message to: 35th B-P Guild Members and Kingston Scout Museum Committee members

I was looking at having a couple of golf shirts embroidered with our (35th B-P Guild Little Wolf and KSM) logos that we had done a couple of years ago (from The Trophy House).

I stopped in this week and they still have them `on file'. To have them embroider either logo it will cost under $10 taxes (HST) INCLUDED.

If anyone is interested in getting anything (shirt; jacket etc) done please bring them to the upcoming Annual BBQ - August 15th.

The Trophy House people request that an order placed all be either: light coloured or dark coloured (ie white; yellow; pink; OR blue; black; green; etc.). This will eliminate them having to change the background colour threads.

First of all I am NOT prepared to start a new shirt order, but am willing to take a collection of shirts (or other item) to The Trophy House to be done all at the same time. If anyone is interested in getting shirts or other items (jackets etc) please bring them with your name somehow indicated on the label or elsewhere with a note attached to the item stating `35th B-P Guild' OR `KSM' (logo). Please have $10 per item with the item at the time of drop off - the change will be given back at time of delivery of the item.

The second thing to determine is: will the order be for light(er) coloured or dark(er) coloured items……. this time around (there could be another order later - either this year or next. I'll start the process off by suggesting going with the dark(er) shades - I'm NOT suggesting they all be the same colour, as in the past (ie blue).

To recap - you bring the item (new or not, a shirt; jacket) to the BBQ, and have the logo (of your choice) embroidered on it for less than $10 (around $9.12). I suppose this could become a minor fundraiser for either group with the balance of the $10 being donated to the group (of YOUR choice)?

If you're interested and would like to discuss this idea let me know.


Once again, please mention this to anyone with e-mail -- thanks. Bob

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Report on the work party at KSM - Saturday 24 July 2010

Kingston Scout Museum Committee Members:

Just a short report about the work party yesterday. As you may recall I had invited whoever could come out from 10 AM to 1 PM yesterday to do whatever that might be accomplished.

I had heard back from a few members - some sending their regrets and a couple felt they might be able to make it.

I arrived about 9:40 and pulled out a number of boxes of badges to sort out - more than they had been, to help in getting them ready for individual display panels.

Soon after 10 AM Pat arrived with some supplies she had been storing -- mostly flags, some on poles (I've now brought those back to my place for storage - not knowing just what we can or will be able to do with them, until their catalogued). Pat worked on sorting through the badges and Steve Hannah, who showed up a little after Pat, worked on the video components and got them working beautifully. I had purchased two used DVD players from a yard sale and although one of them, a Panasonic, seemed to play alright, the sound was off a bit - as it turned out it was hooked up improperly (probably my fault) but Steve changed that DVD player for the other one (newer model) and changed the plug-ins. There is now stereo sound coming out of the stereo system (not the television - which I believe, that sound is turned down to zero). Steve had also transferred a few VHS taped programs onto DVD so we're building up our DVD reference library as well as our written library. While Pat and Steve worked on their projects I worked on a project for the Area in Selby Hall for the better part of the morning and we were able to leave on time just shortly after 1 PM. Unfortunately while I tried to move the TIMEX watch display case one of the casters came off the base and needing a small(er) drill bit than we had, to pilot the holes, the display case is now lying on its side until that can get done (should anyone go into the museum just be aware of this).

In discussion with Pat and Steve we thought another work party should be held before our next set of meetings - I've looked at upcoming events like Gilwell Weekend (Sept 10th - 12th) and thought Saturday, Sept. 18th from 10 AM until 1 PM maybe 2 PM might be a good time to have one. Can anyone commit to be out that day? Can anyone think if that day will conflict with another Scouting activity?

Looking at the flip panels I took one to Rona to see what insert might be suitable. I found that a 4 mm birch plywood (really good one side - not bad the other) slid nicely into the panel holder. Regularly these 4 ft x 8 ft boards were $39.95 each - they were and still are available at $19.98. I bought one and had them cut it down to fit into the panels and got 10 (ten) panels out of the 4 x 8 sheet. Therefore each panel insert cost $2.26 (taxes included). As I said, they fit nicely into the holder and will come out with either documents or photos on them but I have some concern about crests/badges being slid in and out on these boards. However, while at RONA I checked out plexiglas panels - the thinnest possible - their just the right width (24 inches)( and will fit both sides with a little extra left over - these are $15.98 a sheet - i.e. per panel two sides. So with the insert and plexiglas each panel would cost about $20. I thought at first of gluing the plexiglas over the existing panel openings but now think drilling appropriate holes top and bottom then zip tying the panels (front and back) to each other - that way if we wanted to either: change the panels; add or remove badges we could just undo the zip ties and put new ones on to keep the display secure. Anyway, before the stock is depleted I'm going to get at least two more sheets of 4 mm birch at $19.98 cut into suitable sizes for future use - that will give us 30 panels to work on. As needed we can get the plexiglas. Can anyone offer advice on finishing the birch panels? Should they be left natural. as they are or should they be lin seeded or painted before attempting to mount displays on them? Photos and certificates are one thing but mounting badges may require glue gunning them down. Suggestions would be appreciated.

Anyway, please keep in mind that the B-P Guild has invited those of the KSM Committee to join them on Sunday, August 15th from 3 PM to their annual BBQ. Contact me for details. If you're coming please RSVP ten days in advance, thanks. As guests you will only be asked to bring one lawn chair per two people (please remember to take them with you when you leave). For those of you who are Gilwellians, the Loyalist Area Gilwell Club will be holding their last planning meeting (for Sept 10-12 Gilwell Reunion at Blue Springs - Friday Sept 10 to Sunday Sept 12) at the end of the BBQ.


If you're in touch with those without e-mail please let them know the contents of this report - thanks. Bob

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tour of the KSM - Tuesday

KSM Committee Members:
FYI Paul Deryaw and others (they were the ones who hosted our visit to the Belleville Scout Museum) will be touring the KSM on Tuesday, July 13th around 10 AM. Anyone who is able or interested in being there are welcome. I will be there from about 9:30 in preparation for the tour.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Season's Greetings 2009

Since the last entry, far too long ago, members of the Kingston Scout Museum (KSM) have visited the Austrian Scout Museum in Vienna, Austria and the William Hillcourt Scout Museum and Carson Buck Memorial Library at Camp Woodland, on Kibbie Lake Road, Constantia, New York. From these visits we have benefited greatly from viewing their displays and speaking to the organizers about organizing and displaying their collections. We were graciously received and well treated at both locations - our sincere thanks to all.
We have had many visitors to our museum and appreciate their kind words of how well our collections are displayed. One of our supporters, Scott Barrett, who has displayed his collection of Scouting head wear put these on display in one our display cases titling the display: `Hats Off To Scouting!'. Scott has now exchanged that display with a more timely display of how Scouts and Scouting contributed during war time, specifically the Second World War. This display was formed in time to honour those for Remembrance Day. This display will remain in place for several months to allow visitors to enjoy it.
The Kingston Scout Museum has now celebrated its first anniversary of forming the committee to develop the museum with our Annual General Meeting held on October 20th. Linda Bates remains as our Chair; Steve Reid is the Vice-Chair; Bill Lewis remains as our Secretary; Judy Keleher remains as the treasurer; David Leggett remains as our Webmaster and I remain as the Curator. Our committee is filled out with: Deb Elder; Erika Frank; Norm Frank; Kevin Ryan; Pat Deyo; Stephen Hannah and Lynn Turner. At this meeting we welcomed our newest member: Simone Glendenning.
Meanwhile, and on behalf of the Kingston Scout Museum, we wish our donors of material and our visitors to the museum and those who can only visit online a very safe and Merry Christmas and a prosperous Happy New Year, 2009.

Yours In Scouting Fellowship;
Bob Leggett, Curator KSM